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United Kingdom
Tagged by :icontammyhybrid21:. Im doing her first and second taggings but first ten facts.
I like video games (No duh.)
I might have Multi personality disorder and i might have a minor case of severe randomness.
I like portal 2, tf2, Pokemon generation 2 (crystal ftw) 
I am procrastinating from my homework currently. :iconsweatdropplz:
I rp on the sonic oc roleplay station
I am called the insane scientist on steam. Add me if you play tf2 so I can kick your butt XD Joking joking.
I like meat...
Saxton Hale is awesome
I have 5 oc's all are either lab experiments or scientists or both and I have two bounty hunter characters 
I really dont like pie. :D

What are your top three fandoms?

Sonic, Portal 2 and Pokemon

When you think of the word 'electricity' what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Mara when I originally joined camping trip on the rp station, (Good times, Good times.)

How many main Fan Characters do you have, and what are their names?

7 To date I think. The names are in order of creation: Shade, Jade, Seth, Robert, Isaac, Necro, Ella 

Do you have any Original Series in production?

I have the slender lab chronicles not one hundred percent original but pretty original

What got you into art?

Nothing just the need to draw characters. XD

What got you into your number one fandom?

I played Sonic as a kid on an old school nintendo gameboy advance then I played sonic heroes and a few years later I got hooked back into it,

Which Doctor is your favourite? (If you haven't seen Doctor Who then Which Pony is your favourite?)

Im torn between Matt Smith and David Tennant... David I think.

Have you ever watched BBC Sherlock?

No but I heard it is good.

If you could live in any fictional universe which one would you choose and why?

I would live in my fictional universe cause I have a gang of awesome peoples XD If it was a fandom Sonic so I could have Isaac's powers

Who is the most annoying person that you currently know?

Am I allowed to say you Tam? XD Nah i dont know maybe the midget in my class... Yeah 

The second one
Who is the truly best Pokémon trainer in the world?

Gonna say Ash cause I like Ash 

Why is Ash still 10?

'Cause Anime logic.

Pokextinction or Pokéumans?

Dont know what they are gonna go for pokehumans

Will history always be doomed to repeat itself?

Yes 'cause humans are hard wired with conflict.

What type of pain is worse; Physical or Mental?

Mental 'cause the scars will always haunt you.

Sonic or Pokémon?

Both I cant decide.

Are Kirby and Jigglypuff a couple in SSBB?

Never played SSB DX I would say yes though.

Does Mario really suffer from Anti-Social Personality Disorder as Game Theory offered? (See the videos discussing this theory here:… ,… )

No 'cause its just a theory A gay theory. (I hate game theory Sonic can travel at over mach 1 end of.)

Just why is Lucario such a popular choice for character in Pokéumans?

I dont know why not choose cyndaquil?

How did MLP:FiM become so popular? I mean especially with the male demographic, I'm just kind of curious about this one.

Because MLP:FIM is secretly brainwashing people. Hypnose by Mr-Stamp

Thats all for now folks,


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